Zimbabwe: Youths Welcome Corporate Support to Fight Pandemic | #students | #parents


As the nation grapples with the Covid-19 pandemic, which continues to decimate our population through a much deadlier mutant third wave variant, the Zanu PF Youth League wishes to register its profound appreciation to the Government of Zimbabwe under the able and shrewd stewardship of President Mnangagwa, for its unstinting commitment to ensuring the safety and good health of the nation.

This has seen the administration accelerating procurement of vaccines, intensifying public health support and continuing to cushion frontline workers through payment of Covid-19 allowances, in addition to instituting necessary restrictive and strategic measures to curb the spread of the lethal contagion across the nation.

This demonstration of leadership, dedication, teamwork and energy continues to be witnessed on a daily basis, and vindicates our unbridled trust in the Second Republic.

We extend the same appreciation in equal measure to all corporates and individuals who have intensified their support towards Government efforts in the ongoing fight.

We indeed pay tribute to the stirring gesture of compassion and kindness demonstrated by individuals and corporates, notable among them being Sakunda Holdings, CBZ Agro Yield, Harare-Beitbridge Highway Contractors, West Property Company (Pvt) Limited, the Insurance Company of Zimbabwe and Mr Scott Sakupwanya, among many other gallant and selfless compatriots who have massively donated towards the procurement of vaccines, medical sundries and fuel, including tertiary support.

We particularly wish to applaud Mr Sakupwanya, a youthful entrepreneur involved in the mining value chain, for demonstrating that with the right frame of mind and patriotic self-respect, age does not matter when it comes to putting country ahead of personal interest.

His US$100 000 donation is an inspiration to us as young people, as it shows that no hand is ever too small to join others in a noble cause, nor any contribution too little when the future of the nation is at stake.

We urge all youths to emulate this cadre, whose example leaves an indelible footprint as one of the milestones in our collective struggle against a common enemy.

The donations come in as a fitting endorsement of the Second Republic dispensation’s pro-people policies, which reinforce the progressive “Zimbabwe is Open for Business” mantra.

To this end, we wish to make special mention of the donation of over 500 heifers and 25 bulls by Sakunda Holdings towards support of youth productive enterprise programmes, and $185 million towards student tuition fees.

Investing in the future anchors our resilience in an atmosphere of good health and safety for the nation, for there should after all, be abundant life after Covid-19.

This greatly futuristic and timely shot in the arm is gratifying evidence of the noble feeling of citizen solidarity that is rapidly permeating our social conscience and fabric as the Second Republic inexorably marches towards achieving President Mnangagwa’s vision of an empowered upper middle income society by 2030.

To echo the President’s sentiments, we are convinced that by fastidiously leveraging our own resources and expertise, nothing can stop us as a nation from achieving enhanced quality of life through sheer unity of purpose and burden-sharing, which emphatically bespeaks our enduring values of Ubuntu.

We continue to reiterate our position that rigorous vaccination still remains our premier hope for the nation to achieve effective herd immunity and be able to make progress on the socio-economic front.

It is, however, our conviction that our approach to the pandemic should be futuristic.

As we continue to unreservedly urge all Zimbabweans to take up vaccination, we take this opportunity to commend Government and all forward-thinking corporates and individuals during this round of donations, which have transcended vaccination and moved into viable Public Private Partnerships for tertiary intervention efforts as part of corporate social responsibility.